Why Precision Labs?

We are dedicated to set ourselves apart

We offer...

  • Next Day Results
    We guarantee results the next business day from the time we receive the samples into our laboratory.

  • Gold Standard Technology that offers NO false positives or negative results
    We utilize LC MS/MS Mass Spectrometry, to ensure precise results. This eliminates all false positives/false negatives.

  • Customized & Integrated Reports
    Customized reports delivered in real time! Access results via EMR Integration, web portal, email, or fax.

  • Customer Service & Support
    Our diverse sales and support teams goal is to provide a customized "turn key" experience for our clients. Our sales team/consultants will train client staff on every aspect and process relevant to urine collection, sample labeling, ordering, and reporting.

  • Clinical Training & Support
    We deliver unparalleled onsite training and support. We have toxicologists and clinical specialists available to provide support and guidance.

Who we are:

Precision Labs is a Christian based company that embraces and promotes the highest standards in the Industry. Every single day we begin a days work by assuring ourselves that we are helping save lives within our community. Our company culture is one of a kind that understands having high expectations is just a part of who we are.

-See the flyer attached to see our marketing piece for WHY PRECISION.

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