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Precision Labs services physicians in behavioral health facilities, methadone and suboxone clinics, drug and alcohol treatment centers, OBGYN Practices, and other Primary Care Physicians. We offer an extensive program of testing solutions for addiction treatment, drug detection, and monitoring of controlled substances. Our leading industry professionals are educated to consult with clinicians providing guidance on how positive results should be interpreted, and educating you on the variants that can alter the rate of metabolism in certain drugs.

Who We Are

Precision Labs is a licensed reference lab that focuses on urinalysis, primarily through industry Gold Standard LC MS/MS technology. We offer unparalleled scientific expertise, customized integration solutions, and industry leading professionals whom educate and service the needs of physicians, medical practices, and treatment facilities. 

Precision Labs is committed to continued education in relevant developments in addiction medicine and drug monitoring solutions/systems. We are proud to have leading industry professionals that are educated to consult, educate, and serve as reference authorities to provide you with more than just urinalysis testing. With Precision Labs, we go beyond the tests. Results provided, with solutions in hand.


Urinalysis Technologies

Gold Standard Technology

There are many drug screening solutions but when cost efficiency and precision are the most valued priorites, lab based urine testing remains the best option. As an initial test, we may perform an Immunoassay urine test. This test is based on the antibody and anigen reaction principle. This is simply a screening test that can determine the presence of a variety of toxicological substances as well as their metabolites. Think of this as a test that provides qualitative data that may or may not warrant more techical and exacting confirmatory testing. If such a need exists, we perform confimation testing using the latest and most scientifically precise tool available in the industry. Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometer (LC MS/MS). LC MS/MS will withstand legal challenges and is considered a forensic drug detection tool meaning it is suitable in court. Plainly said, LC MS/MS eliminates all "possibilities". Together, this method of Substance detection is our Gold Standard Technology.

Immunoassay Urinalysis

When there is a need for qualitative analysis, Precision Labs conducts an initial test through optimized immunoassay testing. If there is an unexpected positive result (not listed on the patient records), we may conduct a second confirmation test (quantitative analysis), utilizing our state of the art LC MS/MS analysis.

LC MS/MS Urinalysis

(Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry)

LC/MS/MS has emerged as a key technology as "The Gold Standard" to address the shortcomings of existing assays in the clinical laboratory.

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Our Vision

On a day to day basis, all modern physicians treat and prescribe schedule five drugs when medically necessary. Precision Labs urinalysis monitoring programs will allow a physician to obtain an exacting view of client behavior. This information is the backbone to a proper treatment plan, whether it be pain management, addiction treatment, or medication compliance. Precision Labs provides a precise accurate platform as a tool physicians can build a safe, consientious, compliant medical practice upon.