Medication Monitoring/Drug Screening

A recent survey found that 88% of healthcare professionals prescribe opioids, (e.g., hydrocodone, oxycodone), mirroring national statistics showing the number of prescriptions in the U.S. skyrocketing from 76 million in 1991 to nearly 207 million in 2013. With that, it is estimated that enough opioid prescriptions are written for every single American to have a bottle of pills. The numbers are staggering and the victims of addiction do not fit a given stereotype. It is precisely for this reason that we, at Precision Labs, believe in Medication Monitoring by routine urinalysis.

Here at Precision Labs, we believe that a Physician is more effective at treating a patient when they have a more exacting view of whom it is seeking help. This knowledge not only helps in the fight against addiction, it also helps prevent drug to drug interactions, and lowers a physicians liability in treating their patient.

Our drug test panels were designed by experts, to guide clinicians through the process of conducting a thorough assessment to develop a treatment plan that addresses pain, function impairment, and psychological symptoms. This will provide confidence in monitoring patients for relapse, abuse, or diversion.

Medication Monitoring serves many purposes such as:

  • Identify, deter, or prevent drug abuse
  • Facilitate and encourage the identification, intervention and treatment of persons addicted to prescription drugs
  • Monitor and support medical decisions about patient medication therapy
  • Detect medication diversion
  • Avoid possible drug-drug interactions

Our Medication Monitoring services equip the physician/facility with all of the resources to seamlessly order tests and review results via our instant online web portal or our EMR/EHR integration services. We truly believe in the importance of medication monitoring for both the patient and the physician and we are dedicated in providing a precise and reliable service.

We provide both Immunoassay Testing and a confirmatory Testing known as Liquid Chromatography Mass Tandem Spectrometry (LC MS/MS) to equip physicians with a clear and precise view of what they are treating.

We believe physicians should consider confirming any qualitative results utilizing our Gold Standard LC MS/MS urinalysis to eliminate false positive/negative results, tampering of samples, and provide confidence and measurable results. LC MS/MS also provides your practice with the opportunity to test for many more drugs and drug classes than a typical "rapid drug test" option.

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