Addiction & Mental Health

Precision Labs services Behavioral Health facilities, Methadone and Suboxone clinics, as well as Drug and Alcohol treatment centers with unsurpassed service through our technology and experts on hand. We offer an extensive program of testing solutions for addiction treatment and monitoring of controlled substances.

Here at Precision Labs, we understand that every day matters in the fight against addiction and that is why we have a Next Day Guarantee on results! We know that you cannot wait for results and we do not want you to. We use liquid chromatography mass tandem spectrometry LC MS/MS, the gold standard in testing. This technique allows for a very high degree of sensitivity enabling us to identify quantitative compounds delivering complete confidence in the test results we provide. So not only are your results quick, you can feel confident in the results.

Additionally, our leading industry professionals are educated to consult with clinicians providing guidance on how positive results should be interpreted, and educating you on the variants that can alter the rate of metabolism in certain drugs.