About Us

Who we are:

Precision Labs is a Christian based company that embraces and promotes the highest standards in the Industry. Every single day we begin a days work by assuring ourselves that we are helping save lives within our community. Our company culture is one of a kind that understands having high expectations is just a part of who we are.

What we do:

Precision Labs is a licensed reference laboratory that focuses on urinalysis, primarily through industry Gold Standard Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC MS/MS) technology. We offer unparalleled scientific expertise, customized integration solutions, and industry leading professionals who educate and service the needs of physicians, clinics, and addiction facilities through our Drug Screening/Medication Monitoring services.

Precision Labs is committed to continued education in relevant developments in addiction medicine and drug monitoring solutions/systems. We are proud to have leading industry professionals that are educated to consult, educate, and serve as reference authorities to provide you with more than just urinalysis testing. With Precision Labs, we go beyond the tests. Results provided, with solutions in hand.

CLIA Certification

Our Laboratory is CLIA Certified. CLIA, also known as Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, is a set of regulations administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for laboratory testing of human samples. The objective of the CLIA program is to ensure quality laboratory testing through laboratory certification, personnel standards, proficiency programs, and inspections. In total, CLIA covers approximately 225,000 laboratory entities. To read more on CLIA, visit www.cms.gov.

COLA Certification

Our Laboratory is COLA Certified. COLA, Also known as Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation, is an independent accreditor whose practical, educational standards have a positive and immediate impact. These services enable clinical laboratories and staff to meet CLIA and other regulatory requirements, act in accordance with Quality Systems, and provide the best possible patient care

We make a difference...

Precision Labs Comprehensive Care Network:

We are working daily to build a network that encompasses industry professionals to consult, educate, and treat the patients within their specialty. Precision Labs is committed to serving both physicians and their patients by working to build a comprehensive care network that is founded on continued education in relevant developments in addiction medicine and drug monitoring solutions/systems.

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